Todd Millar’s live speaking engagements provide a wealth of personally cultivated knowledge and core value messaging that will help you manage career ambition within the framework of a healthy and rewarding personal life.

Drawing on personal experiences from his notable 30-year executive career, his thrill-seeking adventures, and the challenges of maintaining a meaningful and loving family, Todd has crafted an array of speeches addressing the following:

  • Team-Building
  • Effective Business Plans
  • Self-Development
  • Career Goals
  • Family Ambitions

Although Todd can tailor each speaking engagement to the needs of a specific audience, he has constructed the following distinct talks based on the above topics:

The Power is Within

Success – however you define it – comes from within. The series of choices you make are what get you the window office, the cushy bonus, and the fulfilling family life. In this emboldening speech, Todd explains how we can accomplish incredible achievements if we understand that life is a series of choices that we make. Todd says: “The power lies within each of us.”

Boardroom To Base Camp

Bestseller Boardroom to Base Camp draws parallels between the life and leadership lessons learned from Todd’s role in the $2.6 billion dollar Bain Capital transaction and his life-changing ascent to Mount Everest Base Camp.

“It’s Never Enough”

Todd Millar was at an opulent corporate party celebrating a life-changing business transaction when a colleague uttered the following words to him: “It’s never enough.” That moment scared him straight. He wriggled free of the golden handcuffs of his executive lifestyle and decided to give back to the community and live a more authentic and philanthropic life.

What It Takes

Todd Millar started his career on the all-night shift pumping gas in the bitter cold and forged a path to running multi-million-dollar companies from the luxurious corner office. Todd’s inspiring tale of focused ambition and self-belief reveals the heart and mind you need in order to have the life of your dreams.

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