About Todd Millar

In May of 2005, transformative speaker, author, and coach Todd Millar was involved in a private equity transaction that yielded a profit margin of $700 million. One of the largest deals ever brokered in the history of Bain Capital, a powerhouse international asset management firm, this was the crowning glory of a remarkable executive career. But during the celebratory gathering for the big sale, at just 40 years old Todd Millar decided to walk away.

It’s never enough

At an event in Boston toasting the landmark Bain transaction, a colleague approached Todd and uttered three life-changing words: “It’s never enough.” That moment crystallized within Todd that his painfully complex struggle for success, including many personal sacrifices, had not filled an insatiable inner void.

Making the choice to unplug and leave behind the executive lifestyle of private planes, premium hotels and limousines, Todd began a journey of personal discovery. “I reacquainted myself with my wife and children, and found a purpose in helping others. I began thinking about how my story could inspire others and possibly assist them in achieving their own goals and ambitions.”

Reflecting on his journey and successes, Todd was able to codify in simple and profound life-changing bits the principles that propelled his career. Pivotal to his introspection and his methodology was climbing Mount Everest with his son. From that experience, Todd wrote the acclaimed book Boardroom to Base Camp (Blooming Twig). This groundbreaking bestseller draws parallels between the life and leadership lessons learned from Todd’s role in the $2.6 billion Bain Capital transaction and climbing to Mount Everest Base Camp.

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