TEC Canada

Discover the power of a group.

Imagine having access to your very own peer advisory board, dedicated to your success. Confidential group meetings provide a safe and stimulating environment to accelerate personal and professional growth. Bring pressing issues to the group for help and provide perspective to others in areas in which your expertise can be leveraged. Members work together with the help of a professionally trained and accomplished coach to give feedback and find the best solutions.

TEC creates impactful leaders and has become a core leadership resource for over a thousand companies in Canada. We’ve supported Canada’s best and brightest business leaders for over 30 years, helping them to create jobs, drive innovation, introduce new technologies, propel the economy, improve company cultures and build tomorrow’s leaders. We’re proud to work with over 1,200 Canadian business owners to help them achieve their visions.

As a TEC Canada President and Chair, Todd leads 3 levels of peer advisory groups:

TEC Chief Executive

TEC Chief Executive is designed for presidents and leaders of large enterprises with a vision and drive for developing sustainable businesses in our global economy. This group will help you champion innovation and collaboration within your organization while strengthening your leadership abilities.

TEC Key Executive

TEC Key Executive is devised for senior managers that want to become outstanding leaders and CEOs. We help you improve your personal performance, broaden your network and build the skills necessary to surpass your personal and business limitations. This group will push your leadership abilities to get you to the next level.

TEC Small Business

TEC Small Business is designed exclusively for results-driven leaders. This is the perfect solution for the established business, family enterprise, next generation leader or individual building a publicly traded company. Our specialized approach will help you refine your goals, perfect your leadership skills and create a roadmap to fulfill your vision.

Todd Millar has had the privilege of working with executives and CEOs in confidential forums and has been honoured with TEC Canada awards such as “Rookie of the Year Award” and “Chair Excellence” for the past three years.

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