What is Success?

As it is said: success means different things to different people. After 30 years of navigating the fine line between a fulfilling personal life and professional success, Todd Millar has found the secret to his success and uses his personal experiences to help people find theirs.

Todd experienced what he calls the “golden handcuffs,” representing the addictive cycle of “it’s never enough.” In other words, being tied to the endless cycle of pursuing the next big deal, no matter the costs. Todd Millar has transformed his experience and expertise into helping people break free from this toxicity and have fuller, healthier lives while staying strong in their commitment to their ambitions. He believes that success should not come at the expense of our personal health and well-being, nor be the demise of our personal lives and relationships.

Todd has developed a simple yet powerful model for prioritizing and balancing the demands in our lives.

Balance Of Life

As a leader, the key to success lies in creating a balance between the three most important components of our lives.

Beginning with Self, ensuring that we dedicate the necessary time to our personal passions, well-being and development is critical to creating a foundation to give our complete selves to our loved ones and work.

Family follows, a very near second to Self, ensuring that we dedicate the necessary time and energy to nurture, enjoy and celebrate the immeasurable gifts that family brings.

A leader with a fulfilled self and a rich family life can bring a focused sense of purpose and passion to his or her work.

By understanding your definition of success and crafting strategies to achieve it, you can have it all – both success and a full, healthy and balanced life.